SEZ? Yes. Fisher Folk? Who Are They?

The proposed Coastal Zone Management notification, which is expected to replace the existing Coastal Regulation Zone notification (1991), will hit the coastline like a second tsunami, say activists. With the shifting of `zones', entire fishing communities will be moved out of coastal areas, making way for unbridled construction in the name of `development' P N Venugopal reports.


Thirty years with a load of fish on her head

ewasteimage Crores of taxpayer rupees are spent by government institutes each year on fisheries technology and research. How much does this impact the lives of the average fish hawkers who vend on foot? Is there any impact at all? M Suchitra visited one Kerala hawker, at a coastal village near Kochi.

Silent sufferance

Many women employed in unauthorised prawn processing centres across the coastal belt of Kerala develop severe health problems due to unhygienic working conditions. Sreedevi Jacob. lineimage


For Dignity and Respect

Rehabilated workers Though numerous attempts have been made to rehabilitate sex workers across India, not many have succeeded. Here is a success story on the rehabilitation of sex workers in the town of Muvattupuzha, Kerala Sandhya Mary reports.

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