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Jail is the rule, Bail an exception for Madani

Abdul Nasser Madani Abdul Nasser Madani, an accused in the 2008 Bangalore serial blasts, waits in vain for his trial to be speeded up after countless adjourned sessions of court. PN Venugopal recounts the circumstances and talks to Madani himself to discover how rules become exceptions in such cases.


Manipuri is not Merely a Dance

Manipur The armed forces were deputed to Manipur for suppressing the separatists. The forces can search the houses without warrant, destroy them, take people into custody, interrogate them and even shoot to kill. The actions of the armed forces cannot be questioned in a court of law. The massive deployment of forces has only worsened the situation. Innocents get killed in the cross fire between the separatists and the service personnel. More than 25000 have been killed in the last six decades. Many Manipuris harbour a doubt; is Manipur really a part of India? M Suchitra, Vidhu vincent.

Fight for rights: Irene Fernandez

Irene Fernandez - IRENE FERNANDEZ, winner of the 2005 Right Livelihood Award (the Alternate Nobel Prize) was in Kochi recently. Daughter of pre-World War II migrant Malayalee parents, she is a campaigner for migrant worker, plantation workers and women's rights. Irene is also a trade union organiser, environmentalist and the central committee member of the National Justice Party of Malaysia. Veteran campaigner Irene Fernandez in conversation with PN Venugopal about her work among Malaysia's migrant workers

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"I try to hope that I will live again with Binayak in my lifetime"

Ilina Sen Dr Ilina Sen, well-known social activist and feminist scholar, who currently heads the Department of Women's Studies in Mahatma Gandhi University, Wardha, Maharashtra speaks in detail to M Suchitra about her husband's trial and her appeal to the Chhatisgarh High Court.

No justice for Kerala victims

ewasteimage On JUNE 26, 2006, the Kerala High Court ordered that the Rs 50 lakh allocated by Kerala government for the victims of the pesticide endosulfan in the state's Kasargod district should be disbursed expeditiously PN Venugopalreports lineimage

Baba Amte: Restless and romantic

Baba Amte He was a zamindar by birth and a successful lawyer by training. He charmed and transformed generations of youth and propelled them into social and political activism. Baba Amte, who passed away last week, was a rare combination of sensitivity and courage, writes Ravindra R P.

A `shocking' development

Police using shock batons In a recent lathi charge on protesting student activists, Kerala's police used electric shock batons. The state's model of development has many votaries worldwide, but the savageness in police actions on mass programmes does not seem to be going away, reports P N Venugopal

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