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A committee to exonerate industry?

endosufan victim The recommendations of the committee constituted to look into the claims of endosulfan victims in Kasargod and decide on the need to set up a tribunal to settle those, appear to be largely sympathetic towards the Plantation Corporation and endosulfan manufacturers. PN Venugopal reports.

Kerala spearheads community-care health revolution Palliative care A unique home-based palliative and chronic care movement is sweeping through Kerala. Thousands of trained citizens are volunteering two hours a week to take care of the chronically ill in villages and cities. Funding for this community-based scheme that has won WHO recognition comes in cash and kind from citizens, including schoolchildren, bus drivers, labourers and othersM Suchitra reports. lineimage

Genetic roulette

Pokkali Jeffrey M Smith, an authority on genetically modified organisms and the author of Genetic Roulette, says that 65 health risks from GMOs provide irrefutable evidence. of harm. In this interview he explains why GM technology must be confined to the lab. S Usha reports.

Producers sneak into Indian delegation, endorse DDT

Stockholm Convention on POPS How did two major operators in the POPs manufacturing-sector become part of India's official delegation to a conference which aims to eliminate their production and use? P N Venugopal. reports on the embarassing, but unabashed capture of officialdom by a manufacturer. lineimage

Death of new-borns and the Kerala model

SAT Hospital 38 babies died in one hospital in Thiruvananthapuram over the past four months, shocking a state which boasts of the lowest infant mortality rate in the country. The much discussed and extolled Kerala model of health development is ailing, reports P N Venugopal. lineimage

Forever forsaken forest people

Dr Yehuda Kovesh Dr Yehuda Kovesh from Melbourne, Australia is a Consultant Endocrinologist to the UmonHon among other tribes as well as Visiting Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of Havana, Cuba. While on an Indian tour early this month, he visited the Athirappilly waterfall, 70 kms from Kochi. It is his experience with the Adivasis of the near by Vazhachal forest area. lineimage


No justice for Kerala victims

ewasteimage On JUNE 26, 2006, the Kerala High Court ordered that the Rs 50 lakh allocated by Kerala government for the victims of the pesticide endosulfan in the state's Kasargod district should be disbursed expeditiously PN Venugopalreports lineimage

In The Grip of Depression

Dissonance between personal growth and societal norms leads Kerala girls and women to greater depression. M Suchitra reports.

Silent sufferance

Many women employed in unauthorised prawn processing centres across the coastal belt of Kerala develop severe health problems due to unhygienic working conditions. Sreedevi Jacob. lineimage

Unchecked pollution on the Periyar

periyarimage Environmental activists and locals in Kerala's Ernakulam region allege with evidence that the Pollution Control Board is entirely ineffective in preventing contamination of the Periyar river.
M Suchitra. image

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