Lives Withering Away Like Dried-up Trees

women taking pledge In Attapady block of Kerala's Palakkad district, illicit liquor is taking a heavy toll among the adviasis. Addiction to the brew has led to many deaths and suicides, even as a complacent and complicit administration looks on. M Suchitra. reports.

Lives strangulated by needle and thread

27-year-old Ratnamma, a garment factory worker, was forced to deliver a baby on the streets of Bangalore. 20-year-old Gayathri was run over by the bus belonging to the Bangalore garment factory where she worked. Garment workers in Bangalore are caught in an exploitative web, reports
Padmalatha Ravi. lineimage

Testimonies of harassment

image Blank Noise, begun as Jasmeen Patheja's personal reaction to street sexual harassment, has grown to record women's experiences in creative ways. The latest of these is a clothes collection effort to tackle the misconception that women's attire invites harassment. Vasudha V reports.

Remote Adivasis face healthcare chasm in Kerala

attappadi Despite crores of rupees having been spent in name of tribal and other development programmes in one block of Palakkad district in Kerala, the region suffers from poor access to decent health care. 80 per cent of the adivasi population here are living in abject poverty. M Suchitra reports.

Malayalam TV serial makers soften feminism for the market

stree In Kerala womens worlds are made and unmade every day on TV channels as mutually contradictory messages on womanhood are aired. MP Basheer reports


Malayala Manorama exposes Kerala’s men

Six women reporters of 'Malayala Manorama' daily, travelled across Kerala state unescorted, to experience at first-hand the safety and security that God’s Own Country was offering them. Sreedevi Jacob reports.


For Dignity and Respect

Rehabilated workers Though numerous attempts have been made to rehabilitate sex workers across India, not many have succeeded. Here is a success story on the rehabilitation of sex workers in the town of Muvattupuzha, Kerala Sandhya Mary reports.

Silent sufferance

Many women employed in unauthorised prawn processing centres across the coastal belt of Kerala develop severe health problems due to unhygienic working conditions. Sreedevi Jacob. lineimage

The business of promoting the purdah

image Backed by religious groups and with advertising support from purdah manufacturers, family magazines in Kerala promote the purdah as a moral garment, driving more Muslim women behind the veil, says M. P. Basheer.

In The Grip of Depression

Dissonance between personal growth and societal norms leads Kerala girls and women to greater depression. M Suchitra reports.

Care for These Mothers

Raped and ravaged, adivasi women in the Wayanad region of Kerala are paying a heavy price alongside the invasion of the region by non-tribal settlers and policemen alike. MP Basheer reports.

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