Stadium in Deep Waters

cricketTHE Kerala Cricket Association's plan to build a stadium designed to international specifications at Edakochi has run afoul of environmental laws. M Suchitra reports.

Kerala's unconvincing shot at the environment ministry

kuttanad Kerala’s Left-dominated 141-member legislative assembly adopted a resolution on 11 July urging New Delhi to withdraw the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification of 2006. The resolution says the notification is “against the interest of Kerala State, nature, environment and people.” M Suchitra reports on the controversy. image

SEZ? Yes. Fisher Folk? Who Are They?

The proposed Coastal Zone Management notification, which is expected to replace the existing Coastal Regulation Zone notification (1991), will hit the coastline like a second tsunami, say activists. With the shifting of `zones', entire fishing communities will be moved out of coastal areas, making way for unbridled construction in the name of `development' P N Venugopal reports.


Thirst below sea level

kuttanad Despite being enriched by two monsoons and four rivers, Kerala's Kuttanad region has become `a desert of backwaters' after many developmental trials, says M Suchitra.

Working Group on Environment Releases Report in Kerala

Kerala Environment The Kerala Planning Board, for the first time, has taken up environment as a specific subject for formulating plan proposals to get a reliable status picture of the state's environment. The board has set up a Working Group on Environment (WGE) to rediscover the natural environmental design of the state and to agree upon its potentials and limitations. P N Venugopal reports. lineimage

The environmental refugees of Brahmapuram

Brahmapuram Recently, disaster struck all 53 families of the Chellipadam village in a Kochi suburb, when nearly 25 lorries, all carrying stinking garbage from the city rolled in with heavy police escort and dumped decaying garbage in their midst. The villagers had to flee their homes unable to stand the stench. M Suchitra and P N Venugopal. have more.

At Harm's length

ewasteimage Greenpeace, an international organisation fighting for the environment, recently launched the "Guide to Greener Electronics" campaign. As part of this campaign, it ranked 14 mobile phone and PC producers globally, based on the use of harmful chemicals in their products and recycling of e-waste or electronic waste. Nokia and Dell topped the ranking with their decision to phase out the use of harmful chemicals such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from their products and take-back policies. Motorola and Lenovo are at the bottom of the ranking for failing to do more of the same. Padmalatha Ravi reports


Demolition orders for Banyan Tree luxury resort

banyan tree resorts Division bench of the Kerala High Court has ordered demolition of the seven star resort built on an islet in Vembanad backwaters, a Ramsar site PN Venugopalreports


Coca cola in the Dock; Liable to Pay Damages

A high power committee appointed by the govt of Kerala has indicted Cocoa cola and has fixed the total loss due to their functioning at Rs 216 crores. The report has recommended the setting up of a tribunal for payment of compensation.PN Venugopal

Kerala mangrove island under threat, cabinet divided

valandakkad Kerala's biodiversity board has asked Chief Minister V S Achutanandan to reject single window clearance for the 'High Tech City' project at the exhilarating Valanthakad island in the backwaters outside Kochi. PN Venugopal reports.


Periyar discolouration: state board slammed

periyarimage On 6 September, the water of the Periyar, Kerala's largest river, suddenly changed colour into red. Eloor remains a glaring example of unchecked corporate crimes against neighbourhood communities. It also highlights the apathy of the state's apex pollution watchdog, writes
M Suchitra. image

Kerala: rain-blessed and short of water

kuttanad With its enchanting greenery and network of backwaters and rivers, Kerala is thought to be a water-plenty state. After all, Kerala gets 6 months of rainfall, 2.5 times higher than the national average. Despite this, the state has been experiencing water scarcity, with conditions worsening in some regions. P N Venugopal analyses the causes. image

Blink and I'll Dump: Kochi's Waste Disposal Options

In December 2006, the Municipal Corporation of Kochi came up with a rather ingenious way of disposing its garbage: loading it on to trucks and sending it to remote villages in neighbouring districts; even neighbouring states. A contractor was granted permission to transport the waste at the rate of Rs 1,365 a tonne. The municipal corporation didn't bother to ask the contractor about the dumping site, or whether he had obtained no-objection certificates from villages where the dumping was to happen. M Suchitra reports. lineimage

Rain or no rain, water for Coke

The Permumatty grama panchayat of Kerala's Plachimada village has appealed to the Supreme Court for revocation of a recent High Court order granting permission to Coca Cola to draw water upto 5 lakh litres per day. The High Court's ruling was based on an investigation that has raised more questions than answered. report. P N Venugopal and M Suchitra reports.

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