Farmers take the long-term view, with long stalk rice

pokkali fieldA group of committed individuals in Alappuzha, Kerala are battling odds to revive cultivation of the unique Pokkali variety of paddy that had given way to the more lucrative business of shrimp farming. PN Venugopalreports


Genetic roulette

Pokkali Jeffrey M Smith, an authority on genetically modified organisms and the author of Genetic Roulette, says that 65 health risks from GMOs provide irrefutable evidence. of harm. In this interview he explains why GM technology must be confined to the lab. S Usha reports.

In Troubled Waters

Pokkali In coastal Kerala, rice cultivation is alternated with prawn farming. The method requires no fertilisers or pesticides. But many farmers in the area aren't too keen on it. What ails the system? M Suchitra and P N Venugopal find out

Make trade fair, say sugarcane farmers

A multi-state campaign to draw attention to the adverse effect of agriculture and trade policies on sugarcane farmers has just ended. Padmalatha Ravi spoke with farmers and campaign coordinators in Tamilnadu, and traces the growth and decline of agricultural families' fortunes around this crop.

Rescuing the coconut economy

A community-based microcredit programme attempts to revive the economy of coastal Kerala's villages.

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Who will grow food?

paddy Kerala Assembly on July 24 passed a legislation prohibiting indiscriminate reclamation of paddy fields, the Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and Wetland Bill, 2007. The new Bill protects paddy fields, but farmers find fewer reasons to cultivate rice. M Suchitra reports

The decline and fall of the Kerala coconut

coconut The coconut was once the equivalent of cash in Kerala's rural economy. Not any more. Wild fluctuations in coconut prices and cheap imports of palm oil have cast a dark shadow over Kerala's coconut farmers Venugopal PN reports

Market-driven and sustainable?

In a significant move, the Kerala government has decided to promote the production and marketing of organic food.

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