Genetic roulette

Pokkali Jeffrey M Smith, an authority on genetically modified organisms and the author of Genetic Roulette, says that 65 health risks from GMOs provide irrefutable evidence. of harm. In this interview he explains why GM technology must be confined to the lab. S Usha reports.

Here’s Coca Cola, Chewing gum, Here’s Freedom, Democracy

Klaus Liebig Klaus Liebig- German Leftist thinker, Pedagogue, Green movement activist. Was Director of ‘The Trade Union Movement Of Baveria’ He was born seven days after the commencement of Second World War. Amidst the miseries of the war he reached America where he was issued a judgment to undergo three years imprisonment for not participating in the Vietnam War.

Fight for Rights: Irene Fernandez.

Irene Fernandez - IRENE FERNANDEZ, winner of the 2005 Right Livelihood Award (the Alternate Nobel Prize) was in Kochi recently. Daughter of pre-World War II migrant Malayalee parents, she is a campaigner for migrant worker, plantation workers and women's rights. Irene is also a trade union organiser, environmentalist and the central committee member of the National Justice Party of Malaysia. Veteran campaigner Irene Fernandez in conversation with PN Venugopal about her work among Malaysia's migrant workers lineimage


"Fundamentalism Is A Passing Phase" : Tariq Ali

image "I am opposed to any country having nuclear weapons and particularly against countries where there is large-scale poverty wasting money on them. I have been on record saying that India and Pakistan made a big mistake when they went in that direction. But I cannot tolerate the hypocrisy of the West. Israel has nuclear weapons and that's not a problem for them. Pakistan and India too have nuclear weapons which is fine too. But the Iranians are not allowed to have them. Why? ...." New Leftist, former president of the Oxford Union, 1960's cult figure, writer, journalist, filmmaker, above all, the US-baiter. Tariq Ali, speaks to Kasturi Basu in Kolkata during his recent visit to India.

Building cultural bridges: Dr. Martin Kampchen

Dr. Martin Kampchen
Writer and activist Dr. Martin Kampchen talks about his experiences in this country over the last 30 years. Dr. Martin Kampchen in conversation with Jose Punnamparambil


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